Celebrating 55 Years of Ministrywith 55 Days of Prayer 

Be Part of the Foundation for Future Ministry

55 Days of Prayer

Jewish Voice is celebrating 55 years of sharing the Gospel with Jewish people all around the world! Will you join us in celebrating this milestone by praying with us for 55 days for the years ahead?

You’ll be praying for the ministry that you feel called to and the areas God has put on your heart. God is moving us forward into the future of His calling for us – to transform lives and reach all remaining “Lost Tribes” Jewish communities with the Gospel of Messiah.

Here’s how it works:

  1. 55 Days of Prayer runs from June 6 to July 30. (But feel free to jump in any time or pray beyond that. We so appreciate your prayers!)
  2. Sign up to receive a 55 Day Prayer Guide, weekly emails, daily text reminders or all three that provide you with each day’s prayer topic.
  3. When you pledge to join us in praying, you’ll receive the Moving Forward – 55 Days of Prayer guide with short prayer prompts and Scriptures for each day.

Download the 55 Days of Prayer guide

God is Moving Us Forward

We believe no Jewish person is too far away, geographically or spiritually, to hear about their Messiah. And God is calling us forward to reach the remaining “Lost Tribes” Jewish communities worldwide with the Good News of Jesus.

Because prayer is vital to carrying out the Lord’s work, we know how much we all need it. Prayer forms the foundation from which ministry rises, and it directs and equips us to accomplish it.

Jewish Voice has been sharing the Good News of Jesus with Jewish people throughout the world for the last 55 years. Through humanitarian Outreaches you’ve helped us meet desperate needs and open doors to the Gospel. 

Over the years, multitudes have come to faith in the Messiah. Your prayers for this many-faceted work make all the difference as we move forward to follow God into what He calls us to accomplish together. 

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