Join us in prayer for Jerusalem and the Jewish People

What is Operation 1226?

Operation 1226 is a time to join together in concentrated, specific prayer. You can partner with the team at Jewish Voice Ministries in focused prayer during five very special days. Hundreds of people have already signed up to pray at any time and from any place beginning Monday, August 30 through Friday, September 3.

Why Operation 1226, and why 1,226 hours of prayer?

Our mandate comes from the chapter and verse numbers of Psalm 122:6, which begins with “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” When we pray for Jerusalem, we pray for much more than the City of God. We also pray for:

  • The Land of Israel
  • The place the Lord will return to and reign from
  • True peace through Messiah Jesus for God’s Chosen People – in Israel and throughout the world
  • The fulfillment of all God’s eternal plans and purposes for Israel

Be inspired!

Be inspired with Operation 1226

Get special video prayer encouragements from Jewish Voice team members along with prayer points and five daily prayer reminders.

Be sure to tell us how many hours you commit to pray for Israel, the Jewish people and Jewish Voice Ministries. Remember, you can pray at any time from anyplace throughout these five very special days.

It’s all happening from Monday, August 30 – Friday, September 3. We hope you’ll join us. Sign up today!

Be a part of this exciting and urgent collaboration in prayer!


Hours of Prayer Pledged

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Share the Love!

Invite your family, friends and neighbors to join us for Operation 1226.

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